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  1. Pauline Williams Reply

    My family and i would love to help out with your Thanksgiving meal. I am a singer/songwriter and would love to play &/or sing during part of the day. I have a keyboard and sound system I could bring if one is not available. My family would also be willing to help serve the meal as well. My husband and I would be joined by our daughter who is 18 and possibly our son who is 21. Last year we served with Isaiah 61 Ministries in Harrisburg, but we would love to something right here in York. Feel free to listen to samples of my music at or on my sound cloud
    You can reach me by e-mail at or by phone (717)885-3957
    Thanks so much!
    Pauline Williams

    • Edgar Reply

      Dear Pauline,
      We are looking forward to How the Lord is bringing those who are willing to use their gifts to glorified God. We always pray for the Lords leading and they just come so we would love to have you share your gift of singing on thanksgiving, what I am going to do is put you in contact with Mr. Darryl Whitesall who is the one in charge of the sound and music Him and His wife have walked along side of us for close to six years and have been in charge of this section since music is also His giftedness this way you and Him can decide what would you need to bring and also know the time available so that we can put you in an schedule, and for your husband and your daughter and son what I would ask is for you to signed them up into a position which you all may think would be one where the Lord would like you to serve. If you still have any questions please feel free to call me Patty (717) 542-6672


      Patty Rodriguez

      PS Darryl Whitesall Phone is (717) 318-3525 feel free to call Him I will also give him your information so that he can also call you.

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