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  1. Tom Medwin Reply

    Do you need volunteers for the actual Thanksgiving day this year? I already signed up for the day before, Wednesday.

    • Edgar Reply

      Dear Tom,
      looking forward to serving together I see that you signed up for the Wednesday, so I want you to know that Wednesday is the day of the event and that on the actual Thanksgiving day we are resting and being thankful for the Lords faithfulness to us and throughout this year. By the way Tom do you think you would want to use your gift of music to bless us that day, if you do we can connect you with Darryl whitesall who is the music director and also a gifted musician so that you could coordinate a time with Him. please know Tom that we would want you to do it, only if the Lord is leading you so pray about it and let us know. If you have any questions call me Patty (717)542-6672


      Patty Rodriguez

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