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  1. todd riley Reply

    My wife Sally, Daughter Bridget [ 15 ] and myself [Todd] would be glad to help out on 11/26. We attend Grace Fellowship and live in the area. Thanks

    • Edgar Reply

      Todd, Sally and Bridget

      We are look forward for you to come out and help serve in this amazing event, what I wanted to ask you is to please help us to coordinate this and so that you all would be able to sign yourselves for the time and the places in which you feel the Lord is leading you to serve. if you can go to the webside “ you would see the thanksgiving free meal event where you will see the volunteer spot and then open in the day that you will be serving and at first you see a list with baskets this are items that can be donated for the event but as you scroll down you will then come to a figure that looks like a man and those are the jobs available and the times we set it on is on increments of two hours and the reason for that is to give the opportunity for people to allow others to serve and also to be able to fellowship and enjoy the event, now if the Lord would like you all to serve you are welcome to serve in other stations.
      Todd if you have any problems or any questions please feel free to call me at 717 542-6672 and I will be glad to answer any questions.

      By His Grace for His Glory

      Patty Rodriguez

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